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  • Tel: 023 9238 9203
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Electrical Rewire

Did you know that you can automate your home for the same cost as a rewire?

Why pay thousands of pounds for a home rewire and have your electrics replaced with a system that is 40 years out of date?

For the same price as a home rewire we can replace your electrical system with a KNX standard home automation system…turning your home into a smart home!

Our basic KNX Home Automation package will allow you to control the lighting and heating in your home at the touch of a single control panel. Create lighting settings to set the atmosphere in your whole home or set your heating so that your home never drops below a certain temperature. The possibilities for making your home life easier, more convenient and more fun are endless.

Automating your home also reduces the running cost of your home by up to 60%, not to mention increase it’s resale value.

To talk to us about future proofing your home, while replacing your old, out-of-date electrical system and saving yourself money call us on 02392 389203.

It is recommended that an electrical rewire be carried out every 25 years to ensure electrical safety and prevent fires or damage to electrical appliances.

While a preventative approach is ideal there are many reasons why properties need a complete home rewire such as constantly blowing fuses or tripping MCB’s, or as the result of an electrical test and inspection.

An home rewire of your property may not consist of just a rewire but is usually an opportunity to upgrade lighting, add additional sockets, upgrade the data and networking systems or replace the consumer unit with a more up-to-date and safer option.

Whatever is required you can rely on LCE to give honest expert advice and propose a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

An electrical rewire is a messy and disruptive job. In an ideal world it would be carried out on an empty property before you move in. However, LCE appreciates that fully occupied and functioning properties also need rewiring sometimes. That’s why we are committed to causing minimum disruption and mess to our clients. We will carry out the rewire at times that suit you and within the timescale given, will always clean up after ourselves and only employ friendly and reliable electricians.

"I’ve got to say that it has been a refreshing experience, to speak to a trades person who not only turns up on time, cleans up after himself and then charges you as quoted."

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